18 Wheeler Accidents

Trucking Accident Laws & Regulations

18 Wheeler tractor trailers are being used more frequently on all major U.S highways and even on smaller streets and roadways. Tractor Trailers are carrying various goods in every U.S State including food, beverages, and other items distributed at retailer. Tractor Trailer or trucking accidents often take place on highways at high speeds but can also cause grievous injuries at low speeds when the tractor trailer is turning or when the driver fails to be aware of his surroundings. One example is when a tractor trailer fails to spot a pedestrian, bicyclist, other vehicle, or motorcyclist.

Truckattorney.org helps accident victims in various types of tractor trailer accidents which includes: jack knife tractor trailers, semi tractor trailer collisions, tractor trailer roll overs, 18 wheeler trucking accidents, and other truck accident/injury matters. One of the principal reasons tractor trailer accidents can be catastrophic is the weight of the trailer when it is fully loaded. A loaded trailer could weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Even a tractor trailer carrying an empty trailer weighs about 30,000 pounds. This is an highly dangerous weight which wields enormous force when the tractor trailer comes into direct contact with a standard vehicle which only weighs 4,000 pounds. Even the largest SUV usually weighs less than 5,000 pounds.

Common types of truck accidents include:

  • Jack Knife Tractor Trailer
  • Trailer Swing
  • Tractor Trailer Driver Negligence: It can occur due to variety of reasons ranging from using cell phones, overspeeding, tailgating, making an illegal or dangerious turn, failure to stop in time.
  • Improper Loading of Trucks:
  • Failure to maintain the tractor trailer:

If you are hurt in any type of Truck Accident then you must speak with your Attorney before you call your insurance Company. Our experienced 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys will help you receive justice and compensation you deserve.