Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents in New York City

New York is considered to be one of the busiest cities in the USA. According to the report by NHTSA, an auto accident occurs at some place every 10 seconds. Several identified causes of auto accidents are negligence by the drivers, unsafe driving, DUI (Driving under influence) of liquor or banned drugs.

Auto Accidents when involving 18 Wheeler tractor trailers can results in serious or fatal injuries for the occupant of the smaller vehicles. Most of the passenger vehicles such as cars, motorcycle, or even a pick up truck are absolutely no match in size and weight when they are involved in collision with 18 Wheeler Tractor trailers.

In most of the auto accidents involving Trucks it is driver and the pedestrians who become victims. In an accident case within New York City due to negligence of some individual or authority the victim should contact NY auto accident law firm. It is the duty of an auto accident attorney to provide justice and compensation for the injuries, loss of human life and destruction of property. Attorneys practicing within NYC are specialized in auto accident laws and regulations are known as New York Auto Accident Attorneys.

According to the New York laws, both the drivers as well as the owner of the vehicle are held responsible for the compensation to the injured. Insurance company pays for all medical bills and lost wages.

It is also observed that insurance companies and agencies use under-hand tactics to nullify genuine injury claims. There are many other reasons why you must contact a lawyer immediately after an accident. A qualified auto accident lawyer would study the case. And contact witnesses, search police reports and look at traffic laws to find out if the accident occurred due to fault or not. In cases where accidents was caused by a defect in the vehicle then a case is filed against the automobile manufacturer.

Other known causes of auto accidents are: Poor construction and maintenance of roads Improper road lighting, improper functioning of traffic signals, wrongly placed trees or poles etc and such civil issues, in such cases the government/state authorities can be brought to court.