Car Accidents

New York Car Accidents

More auto accidents take place during winter season and the one involving cars can result in grave injuries especially when they involve 18 Wheeler tractor trailers or any other truck. The victims of car accident could be a pedestrian or the driver himself. These accidents take place due to the negligence car driver, pedestrian or anybody else.

60% of car accident victims can experience pain even after 1 year of being injured. The frequent areas of pain are joints and limbs, the back/spine injuries, brain/head injuries, and injury to the neck.

“American Pain Foundation” published a report stating that more than $100 billion is spent on treating chronic pains every year. Back pain is most common causes of disability in Americans aged below 45 years.

If you are injured in any type of car accident then you must contact your lawyer. He would help you in receiving justice and compensation from the negligent person or authority (public or private). The majority of the car accident lawyers fight with insurance companies who try their best to nullify your claim. They also try to stop you from claiming medical/financial compensation on the basis of false medical report. If a patient is facing unbearable pain in the brain, then they would avoid showing it in X-rays, CAT scans or MRI’s. Nearly all insurance companies try to evade and work towards reducing the compensation.

Car accidents involving heavy truck or tractor trailers can lead to loss of life to all the car occupants including the driver. If you witness any type of car accident then ask for medical help immediately. It is also essential to contact a truck accident attorney at once after the truck accident. This will help you receive best compensation for the injuries and other financial losses incurred.