Who is at Fault

trucking accident injuriesCauses of Trucking Accidents

Majority accidents pertaining to heavy Commercial vehicles can prove fatal to the smaller vehicles travelling on the road. On main highways and at high speed, negligent driver commits errors. Whenever the small vehicles involved in the accident they prove fatal for the car occupants. Many of the truck accidents can take place because of car drivers or by the truck drivers.

Several common unsafe acts committed by car drivers in the vicinity of large trucks are:

  • Cars driving in the “No-Zones” areas or driving behind or next to a commercial truck when the truck driver is unable to see due to poor visibility.
  • Changing tracks quickly in front of a truck
  • Suddenly turning to the right of a truck without proper indications.
  • Improperly entering into the oncoming traffic,
  • Driving inbetween large trucks.

Majority truck accidents takes place due to negligent driving, which may be due to carelessness or fatigue by the truck driver. The other causes of the truck accidents on the road are:

  • Fatigue/tiredness
  • Inattentive truck driver
  • Rash driving by the truck driver
  • Poor maintenance of the truck or trailer
  • Improper loading of the truck
  • Driving with a slippery load
  • Use of banned drugs by the truck driver
  • Poor maintenance of the tires
  • Driving carelessly in bad weather
  • Careless passing and over-taking on the road
  • Trucks obstructing a car driver’s view
  • Truck jackknifing and rollovers on poor maintained roads.

If you get injured due to negligent truck driver or someone close to you has died in a truck accident then you can file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver and also the trucking company. Consult a truck accident lawyer to seek proper justice and compensation.