Brain Injury

A Glimpse Into Brain Injury

To get a serious brain injury, you don’t need you to be traveling at a high speed or strike hard objects, in fact, traumatic brain injury can result from truck accidents, falls or work-related accidents. Reports have shown that millions of deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits in Dallas, Texas are due to traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries can cause the brain to tear, bruise, bleed, or swell.


These types of injuries are a mess for the parties involved and are considered to be catastrophic. It doesn’t always kill the victim and often leaves the with horrific injuries that take years or decades to recover from. Brain injuries sustained in truck accidents can cause loss of cognitive and motor functions.

Types of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can cause complications including loss of memory, paralysis, loss of consciousness, and even death. There are two different types of head injuries which are listed below and are equally dangerous.

  • Open Head Injury: This type of injury usually occurs when the head comes in direct contact with a hard surface that results in the fracture of the skull.
  • Closed Head Injury: It does not involve a fracture, in fact, can be more serious. It involves various complications such as brain swelling, the formation of dangerous blood clots etc. inside the skull.

Warning Signs of Serious Head Injuries

Symptoms usually vary and need proper attention. These may include:

  • Confusion and difficulty remembering the events
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Severe headache
  • Weakness or numbness on one side of the body

Medical Evaluation of Serious Brain Injuries

If a person suffers from serious head injuries, he or she will need financial assistance treat the injury in many cases. Medical Evaluation plays an important role on the level of compensation the individual will receive, from all sources, by analyzing the degree of an individual’s impairment. Evaluation may include:

  • The ability of injured person to work
  • The right to receive different kinds of economic compensation
  • Eligibility for protection against discrimination
  • If independent living is possible
  • What type of physical therapy he or she needs to improve his or her health

Pursuing a Legal Claim for Brain Injuries

If you or any one of your loved ones has suffered a serious head injury due to an accident, you are entitled to legal assistance for the harm. Consulting a good truck accident brain injury attorney in Dallas, Texas who has vast experience in the field will help you protect your legal rights.